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Halloween In Hyde Park

Taken at the old Benson farm, Hyde Park, Vermont. Jeff Beattie photo taken 10/28/12

It's Halloween in Hyde Park.  In Vermont, as with most rural areas, all the Trick or Treaters come down from the hills and do their Trick or Treating in the villages and Hyde Park is no exception.  My kids grew up running door to door in the village with their cousins and friends with parents following along. It is in every sense of the term a "Rockwellian" scene. Kids running about with shear excitement, the air is cold and the last vestiges of autumn leaves blowing in the  late October wind. Being a typical small town most adults know each other and it is a wonderful opportunity to socialize while strolling down village streets. We could never resist the temptation to take the kids on a quite through the village cemetery at the end of Main Street hiding behind the huge Maple trees.

Now that my kids are grown I still look forward to Halloween in the village. We will go to my father's in the village and admire all the costumes while we hand out candy and wave from the door and shout a greeting to the "younger parents" out on the sidewalk.

Tonight will be the perfect Halloween night here in Hyde Park. There's going to be a  full moon ducking in and out of the clouds and lots of happy Trick or Treaters.  Here's hoping that everyone has a safe and memorable Halloween!

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