Value of Quality Photography

How Important is Your Online Presence?


Virtually all properties on the market today are viewed online before an appointment is ever made to visit the property. This means that the photography and videography that your 

broker utilizes is critical to a buyer’s willingness to see your property. In some cases, a poor online presence can actually lead to buyers’ eliminating a property entirely.

While having the right equipment is important, knowing how to use it is of equal importance. Shooting the proper angles, using the correct exposures and knowing which shots are helpful and which ones are not, are all essential elements required to showcase your property above the rest. Because of the changing light throughout the day and our ever changing seasons, it is usually necessary to photograph a property on at least several occasions in an effort to build the best photo portfolio possible. Lastly, taking the time to enhance each photo through the use of Photoshop completes the process of creating the best visual presence possible.



I use a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera with a 10-20 mm wide angle lens and a dedicated flash. Most of the interior photographs I take are with natural light whenever possible which creates a richer, truer picture. The wide angle lens is critical for professional looking photos as it allows for a “wider angle’ which shows substantially more of the room in the photograph as opposed to the narrower angle pictures taken with a “point and shoot” or iPhone camera. The DSLR camera also allows me to create a substantially larger photo file than the point and shoot and iPhone cameras, which means a much higher resolution/sharper image. <[>We are in a very competitive market and you deserve to have your property marketed in the best light possible!